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Looking for a dashiki shirt or dashiki dress? AfricanFabs offers a various collection of traditional dashiki's. These garments are made o... Read more »
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Looking for a dashiki shirt or dashiki dress? AfricanFabs offers a various collection of traditional dashiki's. These garments are made of a variation of different African prints and are great to be worn by both men and woman. Suitable for many ocassions. We currently offer each unisex dashiki shirts in 3 different sizes. 

What is Dashiki?

Dashiki – 'dan-ciki' or 'dan-shiki' - ciki meaning shirt or inner garment – is derived from the Hausa and Yoruba languages of Nigeria respectively. A dashiki is a loose-fitting, pullover shirt usually sewn from colorful fabrics and often with patch pockets and embroidery at the neckline and/or cuffs.

Traditionally, Dashiki was known to be a loose-fitting garment with a V-neck, worn mostly by men. However, in recent times more women have embraced the garment and are seen wearing dashiki as a dress-shirt, maxi dresses, swimsuits and popularly as prom dresses to make a statement. A dashiki style offers both comfort and charm being loose-fitting but also elegant and colorful.

History and origin of Dashiki

The Dashiki is an unmistakably African attire. Its origin emanates from West Africa. With the high temperature climate in West Africa, and Dashiki being a lightweight fabric, it soon became a popular choice among men and women. This attire came in handy for the working men as it created comfort under the intense heat. In West Africa, dashiki is commonly worn in countries like Nigeria, Togo, Benin Republic, and Ghana.
Dashiki was introduced to the American culture in the 60s. It is often worn by African Americans and Africans in diaspora to symbolize freedom and to identify with their African heritage.

On what occasion can the Dashiki be worn?

The dashiki can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. Special events call for better fabric and more elaborate embroidery and can include wearing a robe over the shirt and pants for an elegant look. It may be worn at occasions such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, proms, black history month, festivals and as streetwear.

Types of print

Often made from 100% cotton fabric, the Angelina print made by Toon van de Manakker, a Vlisco textile designer is currently the most recognizable fabric in the diaspora as ‘dashiki’. However other beautiful prints may be used in making this attire with each vibrant color having its significance.

  • Gold- Fertility and wealth
  • Blue- A symbol of the sky which means harmonious living
  • Green- Life and prosperity
  • White- Purity and spirituality
  • Red- The color of blood

Who can wear a dashiki?

Dashiki may be worn by men and women of all cultures. A lot of Africans from where the clothing originates celebrate seeing other cultures embrace the Dashiki. It is seen as expressing support and a sense of unity. The dress / shirt can be used by both men and women. It may be paired with leggings, or a waist belt to make it more defined. And for many, it can be worn as a mini dress.

How can I find my size?

Here at African Fabs, we offer 3 sizes - S/M, L, XL/XXL. As previously mentioned, dashiki has a loose fit. Hence, go for your usual size and for a less loose fit, one may go for a size smaller. For detailed size information and measurements, you can check out the last picture shown on each product page.

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